Class FlushEvent


public class FlushEvent
extends appia.Event

This class signals statistic protocol to stop the current statistic and flush the results into a specified file.

Constructor Summary
FlushEvent(appia.Channel c, appia.Direction d, appia.Session s, java.lang.String f)
          Contructor of this class
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getFileName()
          Gets the filename to flush the results.
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Constructor Detail


public FlushEvent(appia.Channel c,
                  appia.Direction d,
                  appia.Session s,
                  java.lang.String f)
           throws appia.AppiaEventException
Contructor of this class

c - channel.
d - direction.
s - source session.
f - File name to flush the results.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getFileName()
Gets the filename to flush the results.