appia.memoryManager Appia memory manager.
appia.message The payload of Appia's SendableEvent.
appia.protocols.fifo Protocol that provides reliable fifo order to unicast messages.
appia.protocols.fifo.fifodual Protocol that provides reliable fifo order to unicast and multicast messages.
appia.protocols.fifo.fifomulticast Protocol that provides reliable fifo order to multicast messages. Events needed by the protocols that provide flow control of messages.
appia.protocols.flowcontrol.fcbuffer Flow Control protocol.
appia.protocols.flowcontrol.piggybacking Provides piggybacking of information about local window to get better performance on the flow control protocol.
appia.protocols.flowcontrol.semanticstable This protocol ensures that messages are stable in group comunication and uses semantic of messages to discard obsoleted messages.
appia.protocols.flowcontrol.test.delay Provides delay on messages to simulate a slower node with flow control protocol.
appia.protocols.flowcontrol.test.statistics This protocol collects statistics on time of arriving messages into a file.
appia.test.applflow Application test.